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Coffee Over Cardio - Doctor's Orders Vanilla Hazelnut Coffee 12 oz. Bag

  • DOCTOR'S ORDERS - Crafted for all flavored coffee lovers, experience a warm, pure vanilla flavor... perfectly paired with a nutty hazelnut bliss that sits on your tongue with every sip. Hands down our most popular flavor.
  • EXPERTLY ROASTED BEANS - Our beans are hand selected & expertly roasted to give you a clean energy boost and smooth refreshing taste. The Result? We turned great beans into a memorable cup of coffee.
  • MEDIUM ROAST GROUND COFFEE - Available in vented 12-ounce coffee bags our ground coffee is perfect for an easy on-the-go gourmet coffee experience.
  • 100% ARABICA BEANS - Our coffee stands out because we took a high-grade bean, grown on the side of the mountains in Costa Rica, and added a little bit of flavor to the beans prior to roasting.
  • WOMAN OWNED BUSINESS - I'm Abbey! I want to welcome you to the coffee loving community! Around here we put good coffee & supporting others first!