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Air Revitalizer - Fragrance Oil Diffuser

  • AIR FRESHENER: The unit will pull the air from the room into the base of swirling water. The water acts as a filter, trapping particles and releasing fresh moist air into your room.
  • AROMATIC OIL DIFFUSER: Add a few drops of the included Lavender oil to neutralize unpleasant odors, reenergize stagant stale air and add a fresh scent to any room.
  • SERENITY: The whirlpool of swirling water and shimmering blue light will turn any indoor space into a zen-like atmosphere, Noise Level Less than 45 db creates white noise for a soothing peaceful environment.
  • COLOR LIGHTS: Light color switch has 2 modes; choose 1 color or rotate through all 7 colors, or shut the lights off completely.
  • LARGER SIZE with SAFETY SWITCH: Larger Size 8.75 inches, Height: 8 inches, covers approximately 600 square feet. Built in safety switch automatically turns unit off when top is lifted.